The Turnip Prize organisers have announced the six finalists of this year’s contest.

As you will know from its well-publicised 17-year history, the Turnip Prize is a spoof of the lesser-known Turner Prize, and is awarded to the person who has created something that the judges perceive to be crap art using the least amount of effort possible.

This year’s six finalists are:

Danger Mouse” by P. Enfold
(A computer Mouse with an Electrical Warning Sticker on it)

Staple Diet” by Art Ist
(A Galvanized Staple on a Plate)

“A Clean Slate” by Asif
(A Piece of Slate with nothing on it)

“Hung like a Donkey” by Pat McGroin –
(A Donkey Hanging on a Rope)

“Dismal And” by Tug
(The Symbol ‘&’ Looking Dismal)

“A Roll in the Hay” by Imogen Crees
(A Bread Roll in some Hay)

The winner will be announced at The New Inn on Monday 7th December at 6.30pm. For further information about the competition, see the Turnip Prize Facebook page.