The Turnip Prize is back at The New Inn with a vengeance.

Entries for the much-coveted 2015 Turnip Prize award are, even now, not being thought about at all, by literally several people whose artistic talents know all sorts of bounds.

The Turner prize set out to be new, innovative and shocking, maybe even anti establishment. Whilst the motto of the Turner Prize appears to be “We know its art, but is it shit?” the Turnip Prize clearly states its motto as “We know its shit, but is it art?”

For details of entry in to the Prize, don’t watch this space as it would constitute far too much effort. Instead, spend as little time as possible coming up with your contribution to the nation’s artistic heritage, and drop it by the New Inn some time before noon on the 21st of November. The winner will be announced at 6.30pm on the 2nd of December. Along with your entry you must submit the following information:

1.) Your name or pseudonym
2.) The name of the exhibit i.e. In 2003 the winning entry was entitled “Take a leaf out of my chook”
3.) A brief explanation of the submission and/or a justification of it. i.e. In 2003 the justification was “an interactive installation (raw chicken) – you can take the leaves out and put them back in again – inspired by a freak leaf blowing accident”.

Good luck, and happy arting.